Say Aloha to our Airstream...

Lilia Waikiki’s mobile information center is arriving
and will be open and activated in January 2022

Location: Ala Moana Center, Level 2 Parking Lot

Across from Harry Winston and Genki Sushi
1450 Ala Moana Boulevard
Honolulu, HI 96814

connected to the community

The custom artwork that graces the exterior of the airstream was ideated, hand painted and brought to life by Kamea Hadar, one of the three heads Pow! Wow! Hawaii.

"My aim was to capture the beauty of Hawaii’s ‘mea kanu’ which refers to anything that is planted. Queen Emma had a great love of gardening and on her lands she enjoyed much of Hawaii’s flora including her favorite flowers, lilies. In the piece among other local mea kanu the focal points of color belong to Persian Lillies, Tiger Lillies, and Spider Lillies which are also known as Queen Emma Lilies. My aim was to creat a piece where people could feel like they were in the Queens garden, and enjoy these beautiful flowers the way that she did throughout her life."
Kamea hadar


Kamea Hadar

Kamea Hadar grew up in the worlds of his Japanese/Korean mother and Israeli father. He began studying drawing and painting from a young age, taking classes at the Honolulu Art Academy and University of Hawai‘i and spending time living and creating abroad in Paris, Madrid and Israel. Although Kamea’s work is based in traditional portraiture, it has evolved off of canvas to large scale murals and installations.

Jasper Wong

Jasper Wong is an artist, illustrator, gallery owner in Hong Kong, and lead director of POW! WOW!. His art has exhibited worldwide, in places such as Japan, California, France, London, Mexico, New York, Hong Kong, Chicago, and Australia and he has been selected on multiple occasions by Archive magazine as one of the 200 Best Illustrators worldwide.

Jeff Gress

Jeff Gress is a sign painter, muralist and graphic designer. With an emphasis on hand drawn letterforms, calligraphy and traditional sign painting techniques, Gress’ work pays tribute to the craftsmen and trades from the past by creating letters by hand. Gress serves as the operations director for POW! WOW! and manages Lana Lane Studios in Kaka‘ako – a co-working creative space home to over 30 local artists and creatives.